Two more great actors of the golden age were born on this first day of October.

Today’s birthdays include the beautiful and talented Julie Andrews (she’s 74 today!) and the handsome George Peppard.

Most people may remember Julie Andrews from the classic musical Sound of Music. This does happen to be one of the only musicals my father will watch; yes, it’s because there are Nazis in it.

Andrews has had a diverse career on the stage, screen and television. Born in London on 1935, Andrews’ family quickly discovered her talent for singing. She begun her stage career at the age of 19. She later went on to star in the stage production of My Fair Lady as Eliza Doolittle.

She was approached by Walt Disney himself in 1964 to see if she wanted to role in his new live action/animation musical, Mary Poppins. She accepted and went on to win her first Oscar for the role. This role launched her into fame and straight into the role of Maria in Sound of Music. Music was an even bigger hit than Mary Poppins and earned Andrews yet another Oscar nomination (although the movie did win an Oscar for Best Picture).

Today Andrew is still active in Hollywood, starring in a few other well know film series such as The Princess Diaries and Shrek.

George Peppard is best know for his role in the well-loved Breakfast at Tiffany’s.

Peppard studied acting at Carnegie Tech and the Actor’s Studio.

After Breakfast at Tiffany’s did so well at the box office, Peppard was able to land more credible roles. He starred as Jimmy Stewart’s son in the acclaimed How the West Was Won in 1962 and Operation Crossbow in 1965 with Sophia Loren.

He film success dwindled near the end of his career. But he found fame again in television playing the leader of the A-Team from 1983-87.

After years of heavy smoking, Peppard succombed to lung cancer in 1994.

He will always be remembered for his role as Paul Varjak, frustrated writer and friend to Audrey Hepburn’s Holly Golightly as well as for his other romantic roles.

I would like to pick a movie from each and talk  a little about them. But for today, here are some video clips to preview which movies I will be talking about.

First: a great short scene from Breakfast at Tiffany’s

I, of course have seen Mary Poppins and Sound of Music several times each. But this movie, directed by the great Alfred Hitchcock, in which Andrews starrs with the Paul Newman is also very good. It’s a classic Hitchcock film with suspense and just enough romance (Andrews and Newman look great together!)

Sorry this trailer isn’t the greatest. The movie is great, just trust me 😉