Holly and Paul on their way to see Sally Tomato
Holly and Paul on their way to see Sally Tomato

Breakfast at Tiffany’s is without a doubt one of the most well-loved classics of its time. Fashion designers today are still trying to achieve that perfect “little black dress” look that Audrey Hepburn’s Holly Golightly carries of so well in this movie.

George Peppard is the leading man in this movie. He plays Paul Varjak, a struggling writer who meets and falls for his upstairs neighbor, a party girl named Holly Golightly. Varjak is fascinated by Golightly’s life and starts to spend time with her at her parties. But when he spends some time with her during the day, they begin a friendship of sorts. They even spend a whole day doing things the other has never done, such as visiting the public library, stealing from a 5-and-dime store, and of course visiting Tiffany’s.

Along the way Varjak discovers Holly has been getting paid $100 a week to visit a jailed mobster named Sally Tomato and give him messages from another man. Golightly doesn’t seem to care that the messages do not make sense to anyone and does not realize that she is more than likely passing along information about the mobster’s ongoing business outside of the jail.

Buddy Ebsen also makes an appearance as Holly Golightly’s husband from Texas. It turns out that he had married Holly when she was very young. He did not accept when Holly annulled the marriage and ran away to New York. He follows after her and tries to convince her to come back home with him. But Golightly has adjusted to life in the big city and has already set her sights on marrying a man from her list of the richest men in America.

She is able to snag one such man, José da Silva Pereira, and he proposes. Much to Varjak’s dismay, she accepts and plans to move to South America with José, even after Varjak proposes as well. But when Holly is arrested, José calls the engagement off. When Varjak bails her out of jail, Holly is devastated but tries to bounce back and pretends everything is fine. She is determined to skip out on her bail and go to South American anyway. Varjak tries to talk her out of it and she becomes angry.

In the famous scene, Golightly throws her nameless cat (Varjak had brought it along to cheer her up) out of the taxicab and into the pouring rain. With a change of heart, she then jumps out of the cab minutes later and goes in search of the cat. Varjask follows shortly and they share a moment when they find the cat and in effect, find each other.breakfast-at-tiffanysKiss

You have probably seen the famous shot of the 2 sharing a kiss while standing in an alley being soaked by the rain.

This movie’s plot may not be exactly straighforward. It was honestly not one of my favorites when I first saw it. But unlike many movies, each time I watch it, I get a little more out of it each viewing.

They film has truly become iconic, mostly because of Edith Head, one of Hollywood’s top costume designers, ability to capture the essence of Holly Golightly’s character.

I think many females can identify with Holly’s search for a life of her own. And what woman does not want to simply stand and gaze into the windows at Tiffany’s?

Breakfast at Tiffany’s was nominated for 5 Oscars in 1962 including Best Actress, Best Writing (the movies was based on a novella by Truman Capote), and Best Music, Original Song (for the classic “Moon River” sung by Hepbun in the film).

If you have not seen this movie, it really should be on the top of your list of films to see. Hepburn is fantastic as usual and Peppard is great as a leading man. Viewers will also enjoy an appearance by Mickey Rooney as Golightly’s Asian landlord.

Holly after a long night...with Cat
Holly after a long night…with Cat
Looking for something special at Tiffany's
Looking for something special at Tiffany’s