In honor of Rock Hudson’s birthday I wanted to write a piece on two of my favorite Rock Hudson films. Hudson partners with Doris Day and Tony Randall in these films.

Probably their most popular film together is Pillow Talk. In the plot, Jan (Day) and Brad (Hudson) share a party line. Jan is fed up with Brad typing up the line all day talking to his many girlfriends. They meet by chance and Brad figures out who she is when he overhears her talking about him. Since he knows that Jan only knows his voice, but not what he looks like, he uses a fake Texas drawl and tries to win her over like he has all the other women. Their mutual friend Jonathan (Randall) is caught in the middle of everything. Of course Jan is furious when she finds out his true identity but she has already fallen for him. But before she gives in to his charm, Jan, who is an interior decorator, gives Brad’s apartment a horrible makeover.

Hudson was hesitant to do this film at first because he had not done much comedy. But the script eventually won him over, and Pillow Talk went on to do very well with audiences.

Another film they made together is Lover Come Back. Hudson and Day play rival ad executives. Jerry Webster (Hudson) uses sex and alcohol to get accounts and Carol Templeton (Day) is tired of losing clients to him. She has heard about his exploits but never met him. She sets out get him disbanded in the ad world. Meanwhile, since Webster had promised a girlfriend of his a spot in a commercial, he casts her in a commercial for a fake product. The commercial accidentally gets released. To keep his job, Webster has to create the fake product to go along with the commercial. When Templeton hears about the top secret product, called VIP, she sets out to win over the product’s creator and the ad account for herself. Webster intercepts her when she comes to visit the creator’s lab and pretends to be him. He is able to keep her occupied while the real creator makes VIP.

Webster’s deadline approaches quickly and when VIP is finally ready, he does not even take the time to ask the scientist who created VIP to explain what it it. At the product presentation, everyone thinks it is just a mint, but VIP is really pure alcohol in candy form. Since VIP tastes so good, those at the meeting eat all they want and many wake up the next morning in places they do not recognize. Webster and Templeton wake up in Maryland and married. Templeton is furious once again and annuls the marriage. But as her housekeeper says as she calls to inform Webster he is about to become a father, “there was one thing she couldn’t annul.”

Most people think that Lover Come Back is the best of the Hudson/Day films and I would probably agree. Both of these films are full of witty humor that makes viewers laugh at every turn.