December 2009

sooo….I have finally had the time to watch a few more movies….came across several good ones recently….I promise I will back with the goods soon! Here’s a preview of what’s in store…..Do you know which movies these photos are from??


So it’s kind of a tradition for my dad and I watch to watch films that revolve around the Nazi party. He even says his favorite musical is Sound of Music because of the Nazis.

So we ended up watching a great spy film, Triple Cross the other night. From 1966, Cross starrs Christopher Plummer and Yul Brynner.

Eddie Chapman (Plummer) is a well-known English bank robber with an affinity for beautiful women. He is captured in German-occupied Jersey and forced to become a spy for the Germans. After trying and failing to escape, Chapman decides to play along for awhile until receives a better offer from the British.

He then becomes a spy for both sides, pitting them against each other and profiting from both. Along the way he romances one of his German handlers, The Countess, played by Romy Schneider.

This a classic wartime thriller/spy movie. Plummer, while playing a very different character than his 1965 strict Austrian father of singing Von Trapps, gives a great performance of the “amoral” Chapman. For any history buff, this movie deserves a viewing.

Triple Cross is loosely based off of the life of the real Chapman.

So when my good friend first got me to start watching old movies, we mostly watched Mickey Rooney/Judy Garland movies. I always have loved Judy’s movies and of course her voice.

So when one of my new favorite shows, Glee, performed “Don’t Rain on My Parade” I decided to abandon Judy just this once and give Barbra Streisand a try.

Funny Girl didn’t disappoint me in the least. It was a great movie and reminded me a lot of Judy’s A Star is Born. Streisand’s performance is solid and definitely makes me want to check out other movies of hers. Streisand was familiar with the role after portraying Brice in the Broadway production as well.

Based on the life of comedian Fanny Brice, Funny Girl portrays Brice’s journey from Jersey to the stage as a Ziegfeld girl. Brice charms her way into a show and gives the crowd something different when she bumbles around the stage on roller skates. Her comedic act was born.

The movie also chronicles Brice’s marriage to Nick Arnstein. Omar Sharif plays Nick and gives an equally solid performance.

According to sources, the finale song, “My Man”, was filmed live to give a better affect and also because Streisand didn’t like to lip-sync.

Streisand tied with Katherine Hepburn (Lion in the Winter) for the Best Actress Oscar in 1968.

Funny Girl is a must-see for any musical lover.