So it’s kind of a tradition for my dad and I watch to watch films that revolve around the Nazi party. He even says his favorite musical is Sound of Music because of the Nazis.

So we ended up watching a great spy film, Triple Cross the other night. From 1966, Cross starrs Christopher Plummer and Yul Brynner.

Eddie Chapman (Plummer) is a well-known English bank robber with an affinity for beautiful women. He is captured in German-occupied Jersey and forced to become a spy for the Germans. After trying and failing to escape, Chapman decides to play along for awhile until receives a better offer from the British.

He then becomes a spy for both sides, pitting them against each other and profiting from both. Along the way he romances one of his German handlers, The Countess, played by Romy Schneider.

This a classic wartime thriller/spy movie. Plummer, while playing a very different character than his 1965 strict Austrian father of singing Von Trapps, gives a great performance of the “amoral” Chapman. For any history buff, this movie deserves a viewing.

Triple Cross is loosely based off of the life of the real Chapman.