Who doesn’t love a good con-the-bad-guy-and-get-even movie? When that movie stars Paul Newman and Robert Redford, you are bound to have a hit. Such as the case with The Sting.

Directed by George Hill and released in 1973, Sting tells the tale of Johnny Hooker, a small time con man who cons the wrong man, a big time racketeer named Doyle Lonnegan, and pays the price. Hooker’s friend and fellow con is killed and in retaliation, Hooker (Redford) consorts with retired con man Gondorff (Newman) to pull off the ultimate job and avenge their friend’s death.

They assemble a team of fellow artists and create a false racketeering business of their own to lure Lonnegan into chancing a large sum of his own money on horse racing.

Hooker and Gondorff are succuessful in their attempts to swindle Lonnegan but not without some bumps along the way. The plot does have some twists and turns as well, but the ending is satisfying.

Being paired only a few short years before in Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid, Redford and Newman were destined to make another great film together. And they did with The Sting. The film was nominated for 10 Oscars, winning 7.

The Sting is a classic caper film sure to please audiences for many more years to come.

The films also features fantastic use of Joplin’s hit “The Entertainer”.