A New Kind of Love starring the real-life couple of Paul Newman and Joanne Woodward tells the story of a man and woman who hate each other at first sight, but, as in almost all romantic comedies, end up loving each other in the end.

Samantha “Sam” Blake (Woodward) is a dowdy fashion designer who meets the playboy newspaper columnist Steve Sherman (Newman) on a plane to Paris. Sherman has been exiled to Paris by his boss to keep him away from his wife. Blake and her boss are in Paris to steal designer fashions and reproduce them in the States.

It is most certainly not love at first sight. Blake has yet t0 embrace her femininity (she covers her boyish hairstyle with a hat and wears dark glasses) and Sherman mistakenly calls her “mister” when they first meet. She does not disguise her contempt and, thinking he is drunk, tells him to call AA.

They happen to bump into each other a few more times while in Paris. After Blake decides to give herself a makeover, she goes out on the town to celebrate. Sherman sees her again but does not recognize her as the same woman from the plane.

Blake decides to play a trick on him to get even. She pretends to be a French call girl named Mimi and gives Sherman stories about her profession that he cannot resist writing about. The trick goes on for longer than Blake originally wants, and in the process, Sherman realizes he has been duped.

The truth about Blake’s real identity comes out and so does the fact that they have fallen for each other.

Thelma Ritter co-stars as Blake’s older confidant who is romantically challenged as well. She steals almost every scene she is in with her quick wit. Eva Gabor and Maurice Chevalier also co-star.

This film reminds me of Paris When it Sizzles with Audrey Hepburn and William Holden. There are some funny moments, but there are also a few strange scenes. Overall this was a cute film, but both of the leads made much better films together and separately. The chemistry is there but could have been better with a better script.

The opening credits do boast Frank Sinatra singing “A New Kind of Love”.