Today, TCM has a marathon of movies about brides and brides-to-be. I decided to watch the charming film The Bride Goes Wild starring Van Johnson and June Allyson.

The plot revolves around the famous children’s book author Greg Rawlings (Johnson) who ironically dislikes children. Martha Terryton (Allyson) is a teacher from a small town who wins a contest to illustrate Rawlings’ newest book.

Rawlings immediately gets on Martha’s bad side when they first meet. She threatens to quit and doesn’t want anything more to do with Rawlings after he gets her drunk and makes a pass at her. But Rawlings’ publisher John McGrath (Hume Cronyn) scrambles for an idea to get Martha to stay. He pays a boy from a nearby orphanage to pose as Rawlings’ son. Feeling sorry for the motherless boy, Martha stays on to spend time with Davey and Greg.

The charade works for awhile and Martha and Greg do fall in love. But Rawlings must find a way to cover his tracks when the good-hearted teacher Martha wants to visit the boy’s home during her time off from drawing. Hilarity ensues as Rawlings and McGrath sneak onto the property of the boy’s home and try to tell Davey to keep up the charade if he sees Martha.

In the end, the truth does come out, and Martha is understandably upset. The “bride” part of the title comes into play when Greg tells Davey to do whatever it takes to stall Martha’s wedding to another man. Davey and his pet ants do a great job of creating chaos. Greg makes it to the wedding in time and true love prevails and an instant family is born as the two adopt Davey.

Bride is a fun comedy with great lines and acting. Cronyn’s character is acted especially well. The poor frazzled publisher runs around like crazy trying to reign in his flaky author and get him to finish the book on time for the Christmas rush.